Nearly 100 British Police Sniffer dogs have been destroyed because of cuts by Theresa May – and British police have been posting outraged comments on Facebook since the London Bridge terror attack.

Over 84 police dogs have been destroyed in the past three years – even though Theresa May received warnings from the French interior ministry, was also warned by MI5 and the mother of the Manchester bomber had also called the UK Crime Hotline warning that her son was planning a suicide bomber attack.  No British police dogs were on patrol at either Manchester Arena nor at London Bridge train station because of Theresa May’s cuts.


POLICE DOG PUPPIES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED because of Theresa May’s cuts to British policing

Jeremy Corbyn appeared on BBC radio this morning saying that 10,000 new police jobs would be created if he became Prime Minister on Thursday – and that included an increase in Police sniffer dog patrols.

Several retired Police Officers have posted on Social Media voicing their outrage that Theresa May axed 20,000 police jobs, when she knew full well that 23,000 Jihadists were being monitored by MI5. 

Many of those police cuts were planned and designed by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary and in charge of the Police, Prisons and MI5. 

British police dog handlers get a £500 one-time addition to their wage packet when a police dog is retired – but this is TAXED, leaving the handler with just £370 to pay for food and vet bills for the rest of the dog’s life. Nearly 100 British police dogs – including puppies – have been destroyed because of Theresa May’s cuts.

Theresa May personally signed-off on huge cuts to the number of police sniffer dog units all over Britain, resulting in puppies being murdered.

Gigantic crowds have greeted JEREMY CORBYN all over Britain – his British Labour Party have 700,000 members, around 4,900,000 followers on Facebook and Mr Corbyn has become a political super star.

On BBC Radio 4, Jeremy Corbyn voiced his intention to bring police numbers back up to previous staffing levels – and his statements have had another big positive boost in his popularity amongst British voters.

Former police officers have taken to Facebook, posting outrage at the cuts to police budgets which has caused nearly 100 police dogs to be destroyed in the last three years

Mike Pannett [pictured], a former police officer who helped set up the social media campaign Don’t Ditch the Dogs, said the cuts were “very, very short-sighted” because dogs were so effective at deterring crime.

JEREMY CORBYN is a train commuter – he travels nearly everywhere by train and often passes through London Bridge train station which was the scene of a horrific jihadist attack two nights ago.  Today, Corbyn announced that there would be 10,000 new police jobs created if his British Labour Party wins the vote on Thursday

Of all the UK forces, British Transport Police experienced hardline cuts to their kennels and training facilities by Theresa May.  Britain has 90 mainline inter-junction railway stations – and yet British Transport Police have less than 55 sniffer dogs available.

A police woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told DNN; “Just one sniffer dog stationed at Manchester Arena would have immediately detected the ruck sack filled with explosives.  Police sniffer dogs can smell explosives from yards and yards away.  And at London Bridge station, where ISIS machete maniacs hacked people to death, police sniffer dogs should be on 24 hour duty – especially considering the vast number of people travelling through London Bridge train station”.


Theresa May’s cuts to public services have also hit the RESCUE DOG UNITS across Britain.

Mike Pannett, a former police officer said “Just the sight of a dog will put off the most hardened of criminals”. Mr Pannett said that with fewer dogs and handlers, services would be more stretched and there could be further for them to travel.

PC Matthews, a dog handler for five years, says the dogs who have served in West Yorks police service and who are then retired are handed over to their handlers.  A one-off £500 payment to the handler is added to that officer’s wage packet for their care. “But it’s taxable which reduces it to about £370 so it really only would cover a couple of vet bills at the most” he said.

In the United States police dogs receive a life-long pension to cover their care and food bills after having served their duty.


In the UK, when a police dog hangs up its collar, all responsibility reverts to the handler for their care – including basics such as its food along with expensive medical and vet bills.  Not surprisingly, many British police officers cannot afford the cost to look after their retired dogs, and so this has resulted in dozens of British police dogs being destroyed.


Three jihadist killers rammed pedestrians on London Bridge, then performed an illegal u-turn manoeuvre, ran out of the van into the Wheatsheaf pub and stabbed a waitress in the neck. They each were wearing bomber vests.  They then ran into the concourse area of London Bridge train station and stabbed and slashed commuters.  British police officers say that the attack would not have been so bad if there were sniffer dog patrols during the night at Britain’s railway stations.

The London Bridge jihadist attackers chose an area which is at the heart of the London transport network. Not a single sniffer dog was stationed at London Bridge train station on the night of the last jihadist attack.

The general election is just a few days away in Britain.  Theresa May has been outed by British Police and the family and neighbours of the evil Salman Abedi as having FAILED THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

French authorities tipped off Theresa May’s Home Office ministry – but like all the other warnings, the British prime minister and her COBRA anti-terror squad allowed Salman Abedi to travel across international borders.


  • French authorities warned that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi had been making suspicious visits to Syria
  • His own mother told MI5 this year he was “dangerous”
  • A neighbour reported suspicious activity at Abedi’s home five years ago
  • Two of Abedi’s friends called an anti-terror hotline after he told them “being a suicide bomber was OK”
  • Two community leaders also reported Abedi over his extremist views
  • Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, reported Salman Abedi to the authorities over his pro-ISIS behaviour

But perhaps the most damning report came from Salman Abedi’s own MOTHER whose report of her son being a pro-ISIS threat to the British people was IGNORED BY THERESA MAY.

British people posted cartoons lampooning Theresa May’s COBRA anti-terror squad – who have known all along that Libyan militia terrorists had been allowed to freely travel across Uk borders – and that MI5 had already warned Theresa May there were ISIS terrorists receiving housing benefit and living in London & Manchester.


Logically, there is only one conclusion – and that is that the pro-ISIS and pro-AlQeada extremist group which had helped to murder Col. Gaddafi in Libya was being given ‘protection’, and given housing benefits by Theresa May, as some kind of ‘pay off’ for helping to oust Gaddafi and grab the oil reserves of Libya back in 2011.

Even though Theresa May has had the ability to exclude and ban Britons who have travelled to ISIS enclaves overseas, the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, was allowed to freely travel back and fro across Germany, Syria and Libya.



Dozens are dead, hundreds are injured.

Even though MI5 warned Theresa May that there were 23,000 Jihadists in UK, she still allowed them free travel across British borders, allowed them to have Housing Benefit and CUT 22,000 POLICE JOBS.

Here is the list of terror incidents which prove Theresa May and her COBRA committee should have had sniffer dogs at the Manchester Arena & London Bridge station:





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