Diners at the London Wheatsheaf and Market Porter pubs threw bottles at the maniac muslim attackers who hacked at diners shouting “THIS IS FOR ALLAH!”. Explosions have been heard from under the train bridges at Borough Market.


• Three Jihadists ram pedestrians on London Bridge

•  The van u-turns, the attackers run into pub restaurant and stab waitress in neck

•  Commuters near London Bridge train station were also stabbed and slashed

•  Local residents hear four bomb blasts

•  London police say attackers wore ‘fake’ bomb vests with ‘fake’ canisters

PUB STABBING: A waitress was stabbed in the neck by three jihadist maniacs who then ran out and went on a slashing spree near London Bridge station.

Things could not get worse for Theresa May’s disastrous general election campaign.  The London Times newspaper has confirmed that 22,000 police jobs were cut by Theresa May – even though MI5 had informed her and David Cameron that they were tracking 23,000 jihadist maniacs in Britain – three of these British jihadists just killed diners & tourists near London Bridge Station.

The Londoners were murdered in a well planned night-time attack in an area of London where major infrastructure – such as railway bridges – threaten to shut the capital down. Armed Police have killed the three attackers.

Three jihadist killers rammed pedestrians on London Bridge, then performed an illegal u-turn manoeuvre, ran out of the van into the Wheatsheaf pub and stabbed a waitress in the neck. They each were wearing bomber vests.

The nearest hospital is Guy’s Hospital – but there is no accident and emergency (A&E) department on the Guy’s Hospital site – it was closed because of reorganised cuts back in 1998. The nearest A&E department is at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Seven Londoners are thought to be dead and 20 injured in a ram-raid attack and a second stabbing and slashing at nearby Borough Market.  The market is nestled underneath train bridges leading into LONDON BRIDGE TRAIN STATION.

Three muslim suicide bombers ran into Borough Market – one man had explosives strapped to his chest – they shouted “THIS IS FOR ALLAH!”. The terrorists had previously arrived at London Bridge and had rammed pedestrians.

Several restaurants were busy and filled with diners near Southwark Cathedral which is next to Borough Market.

Muslim maniac slashers stabbed several people in the restaurants which were enjoying the mild summer night time temperatures.  The first people to be attacked were sitting on the pavement outside the local pub.  Diners crouched under their tables whilst muslim maniacs shouted “THIS IS FOR ALLAH!”.

A British Transport police officer alerted the authorities.  Diners and tourists were frog marched out of the scene by police officers who shouted at members of the public and boisterously cleared the area.


The Muslim maniac slashers ran up through a tunnel onto the commuter concourse of London Bridge train station where three of the slashers targeted a woman and stabbed and slashed her in the back.

After slashing restaurant diners, the stabbers ran up the stone steps next to Southwark Cathedral and continued to terrorise pedestrians on the southern end of London Bridge.

At least four bomb blasts have been heard by local residents.

London Bridge was the scene of terror attacks back in the 1990s.

The train bridges are at the heart of London’s transport network.

Nearby there is a cathedral where the body of William Shakespeare is buried, and the famous glass SHARD building.

The London Bridge attack has happened at the start of the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Police sealed off the area and frog-marched tourists out of the area telling them to put their hands on their heads.


The London Bridge jihadist attackers chose an area which is at the heart of the London transport network. The attacks started on London Bridge at around 10pm in which several pedestrians were rammed with a van. One of the muslim men in the van had metallic canisters strapped to his chest.
Three terrorists wearing stab-proof vests drove a van into pedestrians at 50mph on London Bridge at around 10:06pm local time before attacking diners at local pubs & restaurants in Borough Market with hunting knives and machetes.  They then stabbed a woman leading to the commuter concourse at London Bridge train station.

MANCHESTER JIHAD ATTACK:  Just a few days ago, the son of a Libyan militia fighter, Salman Abedi, managed to regain possession of his passport and flew between Libya, Germany, Turkey, Syria and UK – without once being questioned or stopped by Theresa May’s Border Authority.  His mother had called anti-terror police in Britain and reported that her son was planning to perform a suicide bombing attack – but Theresa May ignored the warning.

THERESA MAY ’Strong & Stable’ Campaign Hits Rocky Road – MI5 & British Police Reveal the Manchester Bomber was Reported SIX TIMES…

Just a few days ago, on the 22nd of May, Manchester was targeted by a jihadist bomber who was the son of a Libyan militia man who was allowed by Theresa May to travel freely between the UK and Syria and purchase materials to make a bomb.  His brother had posed on Instagram with machine guns, and his father was known to associate with radicalised terror groups.  However, even though Theresa May was warned by the bomber’s own mother, she failed to station sniffer dogs at Manchester Arena where the bomb exploded.

Five separate calls reporting the Manchester Bomber to the anti terrorist hotline, over a period of five years were ALL WERE IGNORED by Theresa May whilst she was Home Secretary in charge of Britain’s security – not only that, but Salman Abedi was flagged to British authorities by the French Interior ministry.

The general election is just a few days away in Britain.  Theresa May has been outed by British Police and the family and neighbours of the evil Salman Abedi as having FAILED THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

French authorities tipped off Theresa May’s Home Office ministry – but like all the other warnings, the British prime minister and her COBRA anti-terror squad allowed Salman Abedi to travel across international borders.


  • French authorities warned that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi had been making suspicious visits to Syria
  • A relative told MI5 this year he was “dangerous”
  • A neighbour reported suspicious activity at Abedi’s home five years ago
  • Two of Abedi’s friends called an anti-terror hotline after he told them “being a suicide bomber was OK”
  • Two community leaders also reported Abedi over his extremist views
  • Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, reported Salman Abedi to the authorities over his pro-ISIS behaviour

But perhaps the most damning report came from Salman Abedi’s own MOTHER whose report of her son being a pro-ISIS threat to the British people was IGNORED BY THERESA MAY.


THE TERROR FAMILY: This image of Salman Abedi has been distributed across the world’s mainstream media – however, this image shows signs of being heavily photoshopped – just look at the SHADOWS under the chins of the people – the shadows go in opposite directions – is this image supplied by MI5? Is Theresa May’s government hiding information, or spreading FAKE NEWS with regards to the Abedi Terror Family network in Manchester?


Logically, there is only one conclusion – and that is that the pro-ISIS and pro-AlQeada extremist group which had helped to murder Col. Gaddafi in Libya was being given ‘protection’, and given housing benefits by Theresa May, as some kind of ‘pay off’ for helping to oust Gaddafi and grab the oil reserves of Libya back in 2011.

Even though Theresa May has had the ability to exclude and ban Britons who have travelled to ISIS enclaves overseas, the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, was allowed to freely travel back and fro across Germany, Syria and Libya.


Salman Abedi fits the profile of dozens of other ISIS bombers:

  • A muslim man in his 20s – 30s
  • Large Back Pack
  • Alone in Crowd
  • Scrawny Beard

Even though Salman Abedi fits this description of dozens of other ISIS bombers, no Police were stationed at Manchester Arena, and Theresa May has failed to offer this simple profile to British police.

Here is the list of terror incidents which prove Theresa May and her COBRA committee should have had sniffer dogs at the Manchester Arena:





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