JEREMY CORBYN, the anti-establishment candidate who heads one of the world’s biggest political parties, with a membership of nearly 700,000 people, was cheered by the audience when he said that he would not allow companies to bring in groups of foreign workers to undercut British jobs.

Jeremy Corbyn used to work in a hospital – and so he speaks with experience about the problems caused by the privatisation of Britain’s National Health Service – the disastrous polices have seen National Health Service managers picking up salaries of £60,000 [about $70,000 US] PER MONTH, whilst old people are left to die alone on a stretcher in a corridor.


Gigantic crowds have greeted JEREMY CORBYN all over Britain – his British Labour Party have 700,000 members, around 4,900,000 followers on Facebook and Mr Corbyn has become a political superstar.

Last night’s televised ‘Debate’ was in fact a two-way interview because Theresa May ran scared and refused to face Jeremy Corbyn on live television – even though she has to do that by law every Wednesday afternoon in Parliament!

THERESA MAY criticised by British people for dressing like ‘Mutton Dressed up as Lamb’.
Jeremy Corbyn – a man who used to work as a volunteer for charities in Jamaica and who worked in a hospital – has now become a World Leader – hosting meetings with Presidents from all over the world.

As each minute went by, Jeremy Corbyn looked more relaxed, strong and composed.

The debate attracted one of the biggest audiences in UK Television History and even the British Fleet Street newspapers who traditionally support the Tories admitted that Jeremy Corbyn looked like a reliable, calm and gifted World Leader.

When Theresa May started to dupe the audience with hollow sound-bites, the audience became frustrated and that is when the heckling began.

Clearly, the Conservative Party’s government has collapsed.  This is the end of the road.  Win or lose on June 8th, it is clear that many millions of British people have become politically astute and will not be suckered by the phone propaganda which the Tories have used for decades.

Theresa May made the audience more infuriated when she refused to take responsibility for several embarrassing u-turns on National Insurance rises for small business owners and self-employed people, and the disastrous DEMENTIA TAX which would enforce the sale of an old person’s home if they were ill – even though the average Briton pays £720,000 [about $1m US] in taxes by the time they are 65 years of age.


FACEBOOK is alive with satirical memes which parody the ineffective ‘Strong and Stable’ rhetoric which has back-fired on Theresa May.


Theresa May stumbled over the BREXIT debacle, when it was pointed out by veteran news anchor, Jeremy Paxman, that she had campaigned to stay within the shackles of the corrupt EU SuperState and had, in fact, been part of a pro-EU scam run from inside Conservative party Central Office with the son of EU Member of Parliament BORIS JOHNSON and his Oxford University chum DAVID CAMERON running the ‘Remain in EU’ and ‘Leave EU’ campaigns from the same desk in Downing Street.

Theresa May’s eyes welled up, as the brilliant acute questioning over her apparent lack of negotiating skills and layers of lies about the EU crumbled in front of an increasingly hostile TV audience.

Conversely, Jeremy Corbyn was cheered as he entered the stage and took command of the interview immediately.

Theresa May campaigned for keeping British people shackled to the £350m per week EU ‘Common Market’ whose president works on the landed estate of the Duke of Edinburgh in Schleisweg Holstein, near the border of Denmark and Germany – the entire EU hierachy of ministers actually meet in secret and spend $400 MILLION DOLLARS per day – most of that money is spent without proper receipts – and when Maartha Andreasen, one of the chief auditors at the EU, pointed this out, she was FIRED.


Salman Abedi managed to regain possession of his passport and flew between Libya, Germany, Turkey, Syria and UK – without once being questioned or stopped by Theresa May’s Border Authority.

THERESA MAY’S Election Campaign is a Catastrophe  – Britain’s MI5 Spy Network Reveals that the Manchester Bomber was Reported SIX TIMES to the Police – but Theresa May Did Nothing About it.

Five separate calls reporting the Manchester Bomber to the anti terrorist hotline, over a period of five years were ALL WERE IGNORED by Theresa May whilst she was Home Secretary in charge of Britain’s security – not only that, but mass murderer, Salman Abedi, was flagged to British authorities by the French Interior ministry.

As Home Secretary, Theresa May was the boss of the British police and MI5 for years before landing the job of Prime Minister – the bombing happened on her watch – but she has infuriated the British public by not taking responsibility for her incompetence.

The general election is just a few days away in Britain.  Theresa May has been outed by British Police and the family and neighbours of the evil Salman Abedi as having FAILED THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

French authorities tipped off Theresa May’s Home Office ministry – but like all the other warnings, the British prime minister and her COBRA anti-terror squad allowed Salman Abedi to travel across international borders.


  • French authorities warned that Salman Abedi had been making suspicious visits to Syria
  • A relative told MI5 this year he was “dangerous”
  • A neighbour reported suspicious activity at Abedi’s home five years ago
  • Two of Abedi’s friends called an anti-terror hotline after he told them “being a suicide bomber was OK”
  • Two community leaders also reported Abedi over his extremist views
  • Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, reported Salman Abedi to the authorities over his pro-ISIS behaviour

But perhaps the most damning report came from Salman Abedi’s own MOTHER whose report of her son being a pro-ISIS threat to the British people was IGNORED BY THERESA MAY.


THE TERROR FAMILY: This image of Salman Abedi has been distributed across the world’s mainstream media – however, this image shows signs of being heavily photoshopped – just look at the SHADOWS under the chins of the people – the shadows go in opposite directions – is this image supplied by MI5? Is Theresa May’s government hiding information, or spreading FAKE NEWS with regards to the Abedi Terror Family network in Manchester?




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