Families grieving in Manchester awoke shocked this morning to learn that the Manchester Bomber’s mother, Samia Tabbal, is a nuclear scientist, and that Theresa May’s COBRA anti-terror squad had completely IGNORED WARNINGS FROM THE BOMBER’S OWN MOTHER THAT HER SON WAS RADICALISED BY ISIS.

DNN can reveal today that the mother of the Manchester bomber, Samia Tabbal, is a university-level nuclear scientist.  She was educated by the Libyan state under Col. Gaddafi who set up a nuclear energy laboratory in the suburbs of Tripoli, and this is where the mother of Salman Abedi, who bombed children, teenagers and parents at Manchester Arena, became qualified as an expert in uranium purification, plutonium, nuclear physics and other nuclear related scientific research.

However, Theresa May’s Home Office completely ignored the warnings from Salman Abedi’s mother – even though it was clear that his mother had worked in a nuclear research facility and there was the possibility that her son may have attempted to create a ‘DIRTY BOMB’ which is a nail bomb packed with radioactive waste.

Before the rollback of its clandestine nuclear program in late 2003, Libya had a nuclear weapons program.  In 1981, the Soviet Union supplied a 10 MW research reactor at Tajura.

During the 1980s, Col. Gaddafi had reportedly developed an illicit nuclear proliferation network and various black market sources & consultants, including Swiss nuclear engineer Friedrich Tinner, to start developing Libya’s nuclear weapons.

Amazingly, Theresa May and her supposed anti-terror experts, MI5 and MI6 all IGNORED Salman Abedi’s mother when she telephoned and reported that her own son was an ISIS sympathiser.

Salman Abedi’s father and several members of the Didsbury mosque were aligned with an Al Qaeda faction in Libya, known as the ‘Manchester Fighters’ militia.

Vast amounts of SARIN NERVE GAS and chemical weapons had been captured by the Libyan militias – yes, those exact same militias which Salman Abedi, his brother and father had been members of

Back in 2015, more than one year before the Manchester Arena bomb was exploded, Libyan journalists alerted the world’s anti-terror police squads that vast amounts of SARIN NERVE GAS and chemical weapons had been captured by the Libyan militias – yes, those exact same militias which Salman Abedi, his brother and father had been members of.

According to Libyan Army officers, militias in Libya seized chemical weapons from arsenals located in the southern and central provinces of the country that used to belong to former leader Muammar Gaddafi.  This was reported in English language articles published by the Asharq Al-Awsat journal.

A Libyan military official told Asharq Al-Awsat: “Unfortunately [chemical weapons] exist in locations known to the militias, who have seized large amounts of them to use in their war against the [Libyan] army.”

The military official warned that the caches, which contain deadly chemicals such as mustard gas and the nerve agent Sarin, may fall into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Since David Cameron’s bombing campaign to murder Col. Gaddafi and grab Libya’s oil reserves, ISIS have basically taken control of large regions – and it is the exact same extremist pro-ISIS militia which the Manchester Bomber and his brothers supported.

ISIS secured a foothold in Libya after at least three local Islamist militias swore allegiance to the ultra-radical group back in 2015.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for several attacks in Libya, including the deadly bombing of a Tripoli luxury hotel, the beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts, and most recently the twin suicide bombings in the eastern city of Qubba – and yet, Theresa May allowed Salman Abedi to freely travel back and forth to Libya just days before he exploded the Manchester Arena bomb.

Theresa May has been in charge of Britain’s security for years – but failed to heed warnings from the Manchester Bomber’s own Mother!

Samia Tabbal, aged 50, called the anti-terrorist hotline and reported her son, clearly telling the British police that she and his father had confiscated their son’s passport.

Salman Abedi managed to regain possession of his passport and flew between Libya, Germany, Turkey, Syria and UK – without once being questioned or stopped by Theresa May’s Border Authority.

THERESA MAY ’Strong & Stable’ Campaign Hits Rocky Road – Manchester Police Reveal the Manchester Bomber was Reported SIX TIMES.

Five separate calls reporting the Manchester Bomber to the anti terrorist hotline, over a period of five years were ALL WERE IGNORED by Theresa May whilst she was Home Secretary in charge of Britain’s security – not only that, but Salman Abedi was flagged to British authorities by the French Interior ministry.

The general election is just a few days away in Britain.  Theresa May has been outed by British Police and the family and neighbours of the evil Salman Abedi as having FAILED THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

French authorities tipped off Theresa May’s Home Office ministry – but like all the other warnings, the British prime minister and her COBRA anti-terror squad allowed Salman Abedi to travel across international borders.


  • French authorities warned that Salman Abedi had been making suspicious visits to Syria
  • A relative told MI5 this year he was “dangerous”
  • A neighbour reported suspicious activity at Abedi’s home five years ago
  • Two of Abedi’s friends called an anti-terror hotline after he told them “being a suicide bomber was OK”
  • Two community leaders also reported Abedi over his extremist views
  • Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, reported Salman Abedi to the authorities over his pro-ISIS behaviour

But perhaps the most damning report came from Salman Abedi’s own MOTHER whose report of her son being a pro-ISIS threat to the British people was IGNORED BY THERESA MAY.


THE TERROR FAMILY: This image of Salman Abedi has been distributed across the world’s mainstream media – however, this image shows signs of being heavily photoshopped – just look at the SHADOWS under the chins of the people – the shadows go in opposite directions – is this image supplied by MI5? Is Theresa May’s government hiding information, or spreading FAKE NEWS with regards to the Abedia Terror Family network in Manchester?


Logically, there is only one conclusion – and that is that the pro-ISIS and pro-AlQeada extremist group which had helped to murder Col. Gaddafi in Libya was being given ‘protection’, and given housing benefits by Theresa May, as some kind of ‘pay off’ for helping to oust Gaddafi and grab the oil reserves of Libya back in 2011.

Even though Theresa May has had the ability to exclude and ban Britons who have travelled to ISIS enclaves overseas, Salman Abedi was allowed to freely travel back and fro across Germany, Syria and Libya.


Salman Abedi fits the profile of dozens of other ISIS bombers:

  • A muslim man in his 20s – 30s
  • Large Back Pack
  • Alone in Crowd
  • Scrawny Beard

Even though Salman Abedi fits this description of dozens of other ISIS bombers, no Police were stationed at Manchester Arena, and Theresa May has failed to offer this simple profile to British police.

Here is the list of terror incidents which prove Theresa May and her COBRA committee should have had sniffer dogs at the Manchester Arena:





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