Jeremy Corbyn has attracted vast crowds and soared in public opinion in the wake of the Manchester Arena bomb which was perpetrated by a terrorist family network who had been allowed to have benefits and free travel to Syria and Libya by Theresa May.

Britain’s biggest commercial television network ITV have conducted an online poll which puts Jeremy Corbyn 61% ahead in the British general election.

Vast crowds have gathered wherever Jeremy Corbyn gives his speeches. Nearly 600,000 Britons joined the Labour Party and voted to support his leadership in TWO separate ballots, following a mutiny of Labour Members of Parliament which was successfully and professionally managed by Mr Corbyn and his team.

Theresa May’s polling in the British general election has slumped, following the revelation that she and her anti-terrorist squad had allowed the Manchester bomber to travel freely between UK and Libya just a few days before the Manchester Arena attack.

The Manchester Bomber, his brother and his father posed on Facebook & Instagram with guns for FIVE YEARS – and yet Theresa May never once had them taken in for questioning.


Theresa May’s incompetence has become the leading topic of discussion amongst Manchester families who are shocked to find that Salman Abedi and his family posed in Facebook and Instagram photos wielding guns – and yet Theresa May did nothing about it.

Jeremy Corbyn is on record back in 2003 forewarning of various urban jihadi ‘revenge killings’ which would be triggered by the ‘imperialist’ invasions spearheaded by the Conservatives and Tony Blair.

Way back in 2003, JEREMY CORBYN warned Tony Blair, Theresa May and the British people that the invasion of Iraq and bombing of Libya would result in the UK being overwhelmed with urban terrorists performing jihadi revenge murders.

61% Lead for Jeremy Corbyn: That is the most recent poll by Britain’s biggest commercial television network.

The Manchester bomber’s father headed a Libyan branch of Al Qaeda and had previously been expelled from Libya.  Theresa May failed to act on intelligence reports and warnings from both the French and US embassies.


Concerned members of the Didsbury muslim community telephoned Theresa May’s UK Crime Hotline and reported that Salman Abedi was contemplating being a suicide bomber.  However, Theresa May failed to be ’Strong and Stable’ and instead was Weak and Wobbly and did nothing to protect the families of Manchester.

Vast crowds have gathered wherever Jeremy Corbyn gives his speeches. Nearly 600,000 Britons joined the Labour Party and voted to support his leadership in TWO separate ballots, following a mutiny of Labour Members of Parliament which was successfully and professionally managed by Mr Corbyn and his team.

At one of the biggest protests in UK history back in 2003, Corbyn said:

“Thousands more deaths in Iraq will not make things right. It will set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression, and the misery of future generations”.


Jeremy Corbyn’s Foreign policy record:

Jeremy Corbyn is vindicated by history. The 2003 invasion of Iraq led to the death of around a million Iraqis, sowed destruction throughout the country, and gave the forerunners of ISIS fertile ground to grow.

It also paved the way for the high levels of terrorism we see today, and created the regional destabilisation that eventually led to today’s refugee crisis.

The invasion was based on Tony Blair’s ‘dodgy dossier’ – a fabrication paraded as conclusive evidence across the media – and mostly trumpeted as being genuine intelligence by the BBC.

And while Corbyn voted against his own party to oppose the war, Theresa May supported Blair. And as even Blair would eventually acknowledge, the rise of Daesh was a direct consequence of the conflict he and May voted through parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn correctly foretold the upsurge in urban terrorism following the GRAB FOR OIL policies of the British and US governments.

Jeremy Corbyn Correctly Foretold the Outcome of Bombing Libya:

As well as opposing the invasion of Iraq, Corbyn was one of just 13 MPs to vote against military action in Libya. A parliamentary report on the 2011 military intervention in Libya later vindicated Corbyn’s decision, concluding:

“The limited intervention to protect civilians had drifted into an opportunist policy of regime change. That policy was not underpinned by a strategy to support and shape post-Gaddafi Libya”.

According to a former security official in Libya, Abdel-Basit Haroun, the father of the Manchester bomber had been a well known terrorist leader working for Al-Quaeda in Libya – but was living on benefits in the suburbs of Manchester.

Col. Gadaffi had expelled the Manchester bomber’s father from Libya! Where did he go? Ah – he arrived in Britain and was given free schooling, free cash and housing by Her Majesty’s government – how lovely!

Theresa May and David Cameron’s COBRA anti-terrorism team have been strongly criticised by former senior police officer Andrew HaymanCBE, who is a retired British police officer. A  Wiki page says Andy Hayman is highly critical of the COBRA committee in his book entitled The Terrorist Hunters. Hayman held the rank of Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary and Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations at London’s Metropolitan Police, the highest-ranking officer responsible for counter-terrorism in the United Kingdom.



On Theresa May’s watch as boss of the Home Office, the Manchester Bomber and his family were able to freely travel between Syria, Libya and UK for years.

It was revealed that the Manchester bomber had been allowed to travel freely by the UK Borders Authority between the UK, Germany and Libya just a few days before he exploded a bomb at Manchester Arena.  

From that moment onwards, this Libyan terror family began cultivating a network with fellow Syrian terrorists in Didsbury, in the suburbs of Manchester.

Theresa May’s COBRA squad of supposed anti-terror experts knew for several years that Salman Abedi and his father were members of the British chapter of the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism.

All these facts were known to THERESA MAY whilst she was head of the Home Office for years and years – BUT SHE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

The Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was repeatedly reported by neighbours and even members of his own family.  They called Theresa May’s “UK Crime Hotline” reporting his extremist views, but was not stopped by officers even ONCE – as he flew freely between Libya and the UK planning his attack which killed 22 people and injured another 59 people at the Manchester Arena.

The snitch via the UK Crime Hotline said Salman Abedi told friends that “being a suicide bomber was okay”… Theresa May and her COBRA cronies were informed of the danger posed by Abedi on at least five separate occasions in the five years prior to the Manchester Arena bombing on 22nd May 2017.

The COBRA counter-terrorism squad were also aware that Abedi’s father was linked to a well-known militant Islamist group in Libya, which is ‘proscribed’ in Britain. Abedi also had links to several British-based jihadis with ISIS connections. Abedi’s father was detained by Libyan militia in the capital Tripoli while the suicide bomber’s two brothers have separately been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences… But it’s all too little too late for Theresa May.


The Manchester bomber chose the 22nd day of the month for his attack – just as his fellow ISIS accomplices have done in Westminster, Brussels, Woolwich and countless other terrorist atrocities. Theresa May’s multi million dollar counter-terrorism budget is spent by the notorious COBRA committee who meet at No 10 Downing Street – not a single member of that committee recognised the pattern being followed by ISIS which sees attacks on the 22nd day of the month.


From 2015 onwards, around 1.2m mostly muslim migrants have been given benefits, housing and free schooling at a cost estimated to be £15 BILLION.  Angela Merkel recently published figures to show that $20 Billion dollars has been spent on housing migrants in Germany.  Unfortunately for the OPEN BORDERS immigration policy enforced by the EU, it is now obvious that the migrant community has been infiltrated by violent killers.

Even though Britain has been on ‘severe alert’ of terrorism for three years, Theresa May failed to identify the danger of Salman Abedi’s family who had been ejected by the Libyan authorities.  

It is estimated that around 600,000 muslims are living in Britain illegally and are unregistered – how many more jihadist networks are there waiting to kill British people?

The lesson learned from the Westminster and Manchester attacks is that OPEN BORDERS immigration has made Britain unsafe for Britons and Muslims alike… Also, many attacks happen on or around the 22nd day of the month.

March 2017:  London Policeman and members of the public murdered by a ram-raiding vehicle on Westminster Bridge – the police did successfully kill the driver, but not before there was a catastrophic number of cruel injuries caused to the public.  It happened on the 22nd day of the month – shouldn’t the COBRA security committee have been on alert?

Theresa May completely missed the FIFTY CLEAR SIGNS that there was an organised jihadist terror network operating in Manchester.  The Manchester Arena bomb exploded on the anniversary of the Jihadist attack on local UKIP politician Bobby Anwar, whose cheekbone and eye socket were slashed by a muslim attacker calling him a “kafir”, a derogatory term which means infidel, during local campaigning four years ago.

Here is the list of terror incidents which prove Theresa May and her COBRA committee should have had sniffer dogs at the Manchester Arena:





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