Le Pen’s 11 million voters want to dump the EU, Geert Wilders and 6 million Netherlanders want to do the same – and in Britain, 16 million people have already voted with their feet.  The prospects of popularity in Italy, Spain and Greece are also bleak for the EU.  In fact, as each election is contested around Europe, more and more alarming statistics are released:

By 2008, membership of the European Union cost Britain almost £65.675 billion per annum gross or almost £55.775 billion per annum net – and in the ten years since the Bruge Group published these figures, British tax payers are being fleeced of a staggering £350 PER WEEK.

If Marine Le Pen had won the French Presidential election, it would have pulled the rug from under the feet of the EU super-state.  La Pen did not win – but now the final count is in, chilling shudders are going down the spines of Eurocrats in Brussels – as Macron’s victory is popularly rejected on many Facebook pages by French people who have awoken to the massive amount of financial irregularities in the EU budget that have been exposed by former EU employee Paul VanBuitenen.

‘Le Pen’ was a trademark which at one time disgusted many voters in France – but not anymore.  Marine La Pen narrowly lost the French Presidential campaign, she successfully pushed all the traditional parties to one side, and was statistically ‘pipped at the post’ by the declared winner – Emmanuel Macron – a former Rothschild bank manager who promised to make sure that the French recession would end and promised also to provide ‘social justice’ for the French. But it is a hollow victory for Emmanuel Macron – in the wake of the French Presidential election, it is patently obvious that at least 11 million French people hate the EU super-state and want to leave in a French version of BREXIT.

Yes, Marine Le Pen lost this time, but she has changed French politics forever – and proven that at least 11 million French people agree with her policy to leave the EU.

The French presidential vote took place against a backdrop of Emmanuel Macron’s email server being hacked – which revealed how his campaign had been funded.  There were also CRS French riot police stationed in Paris, following widespread public condemnation of a Presidential race described on one placard as “Your choice is between a banker or a racist – this is NOT France”!

Even though the winner has been announced, widespread disbelief is apparent amongst the French people – especially in the communities suffering deep unemployment – France has been thrown into a downward spiral economically – and Macron’s close association with President Hollande was thought to be the ‘nail in the coffin’ for his campaign – but in a last minute turn-around, Macron has been declared winner.


The BBC have been dismissing the campaigns of Le Pen, Trump and Farage as mere ‘popularism’ – but the reality is that anti-EU parties are in second place in Italy, France and Netherlands.

French People Posting Suspicions on Facebook Over Election Result:

The reason why the result is viewed as suspicious by French people posting on Facebook is that Le Pen was leading in the first round votes in nearly every single French department – and at the last minute – and during a historically low turn-out, Le Pen’s lead seemingly evaporated – effectively reversing all her victories in the first round ballot.

French voters have been citing the First Round election results – and questioning how it came to pass that the official final result is almost a complete 180 degree inversion of Le Pen’s first round triumph.  Facebook posts have also questioned why it was that when newspapers published the first round election results that Le Pen was not listed at the top of each region’s results – even though she had beaten Emmanuel Macron.

French TF1 has broadcast dissent from Marine Le Pen supporters, some of whom voiced an opinion that there should be a re-count.

The turn-out was historically low – with barely more than a quarter of those eligible to vote bothering to do so.

Speaking to reporters after Macron’s victory, La Pen blasted the European Union and called for tighter borders, to “stop the flow of terrorists”.

She is now mainstream and has out-trumped all French political parties – except Macron’s party which now has a fresh-faced former Hollande and Rothschild ‘functionaire’ in charge of Europe’s fifth biggest economy.



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