Hard to believe – but the Fluoride which doctors have been telling us is ‘good for your health’ is actually the exact same chemical compound which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allegedly used to murder babies.

Fluoride, found in RAT POISON, burns on contact and is the base ingredient of SARIN nerve gas.

This chemical and all of it’s noxious cousin compounds have NEVER been beneficial to health in any way whatsoever – so let’s take a look at the Fluoride Family:

Fluorine & ‘Depleted Uranium’:

SARIN is not the only ‘side product’ of Fluoride. The cousin of Fluoride is Fluorine – and it is used to deplete electrons from Uranium and transform it into the most toxic substance on planet earth – called PLUTONIUM.

‘Plutonium’ is rooted in the ancient Greek word PLUTO, or GOD OF THE DEAD.  In fact, when DESERT STORM invaded Iraq, more ‘Depleted Uranium’ was used than ever before – and you know what?  There is no such thing as ‘Depleted Uranium’ – in actual fact, electron-for-electron, “DU’ as the Pentagon calls it, is by and large almost identical to the PLUTONIUM which fuels nuclear reactors – and dozens of tons of Depleted Uranium – manufactured by using Fluorine – have now been distributed in carcinogenic specks all over the landscape of Iraq.

Fluorine is required for the preparation of uranium(VI) fluoride and subsequent separation of the 235 and 238 uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion.

The main ore of uranium contains uranium oxide, U2O3.  It is treated with hydrofluoric acid to form uranium(IV) fluoride, UF4.  This is purified and then converted to uranium(VI) fluoride, UF6, with fluorine.

Natural uranium oxide contains two principal isotopes of uranium, U-235 and U-238.  The resulting uranium(VI) fluoride is thus a mixture of 235UF6 and 238UF6.  The former isotope is the one that is required for nuclear power generation but is only 1% of the total. Diffusion is used to enrich the mixture to 3.5-5%.  The enriched gas is collected and converted to uranium oxide.  This oxide, in the form of pellets, is used in nuclear power stations.

This process consumes about 75% of the world fluorine production.  The second most important product is sulfur hexafluoride, SF6, a valuable gaseous insulator in high voltage equipment.

Fluorine is also used to produce fluorocarbons which are chemically inert, thermally stable and non-flammable.  They also have low toxicity, high electrical resistivity, high fluid density, low surface tension, and low thermal conductivity.  Their uses include vapour phase soldering of printed circuit boards, leak testing and thermal shock testing of electronics components. They are also used as refrigerants, dielectric fluids, sterilising agents and lubricants.  Important medical applications rely on their ability to dissolve large volumes of oxygen (organ storage, blood extenders and substitutes, liquid ventilation particularly for premature babies, and eye surgery).


After more than one hundred years of adding Fluoride to drinking water the scam which has caused countless cancer deaths is now becoming common knowledge.

The story of fluoridation begins with a mystery staining of the teeth first described by dentist Dr. Frederick McKay in Colorado in 19012 and, independently in Naples in 1902 by Dr. J.M. Eager, an American dentist stationed in Italy. Over the following years, McKay became aware of several cases that suggested that the water supply might be responsible for the staining. He also noted that decay rates were much lower in areas with endemic dental staining than they were in other adjacent areas.

In the United Kingdom, an Essex dentist Mr. Norman Ainsworth had found dental staining similar to McKay’s description of “Rocky Mountain Mottled Teeth”. As part of a study for the Medical Research Council in 1925, Ainsworth examined over 4,000 children and, for the first time, produced a statistical comparison of decay rates between populations with the staining and those without. This study showed that those living in areas where mottled teeth were commonest tended to have much less dental decay.

A chemist with ALCOA (the Aluminium Company of America), H.V. Churchill, became involved in the story in 1931. ALCOA was concerned that there was a possibility that there was a link between this staining and the presence of aluminium in drinking water. The staining had appeared in the town of Bauxite, Arkansas, where ALCOA mined most of their aluminium. Churchill analysed water from several areas where the staining was endemic for unusual element concentrations and found the one common factor to all sites to be elevated levels of fluoride. The supply in Bauxite itself was measured at 13.7ppm (parts per million).

Ainsworth was aware of Churchill’s research and decided to compare the water supplies from the endemic staining area around Maldon in Essex with that of the nearby town of Witham.

The Witham water proved to have 0.5ppm fluoride, the samples from around Maldon ranged from 4.5 to 5.5ppm.

It seemed clear that fluoride levels in water were related to both the staining of the teeth and reduced decay levels.

But this is a SMOKE SCREEN – after all, a parent can easily reduce their child’s number of cavities simply by switching to sugar-free desserts, sweets and snacks – and there are plenty to choose from – including chocolate bars, breakfast cereals and even breads which use a sweet non-sugar herb called STEVIA.

‘Fighting tooth decay’ has been the mantra which has allowed a booming Fluoride dental additive business to grow up – but should we really allow the base ingredient of RAT POISON in millions of people’s tap water?


Of course, the biggest concern is that Fluoride burns human skin and organs upon contact – as does SARIN.  And there have been doctors in Britain and the Netherlands who have cited Fluoride as being a powerful carcinogen and have advocated the removal of it from public water treatments for many years.

It is widely known that SARIN and Fluoride-based nerve gasses were developed in NAZI Germany – so why should we risk a cancer epidemic just for the need to fight tooth decay which is caused by too much sugar in the diet?  Shouldn’t we just reduce our sugar intake and do away with all this fluoride-based rat poison in our water?



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