The number 322 and 911 are burned into the minds of many thousands of families worldwide – on these dates, Muslim terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre – and then on 3/22/2016 the Brussels attacks happened… Exactly 365 days later – almost to the hour – the London attacks happened on 3/22/2017…  But there are even more sinister coincidences than that…

An ancient brotherhood known as the SKULL AND BONES which has members in the Trump administration, and includes George W Bush, George HW Bush and former Secretary of State, John Kerry – use a secret code-number: “322”.

The SKULL & BONES headquarters have a private collection of HUMAN SKULLS and mottoes in German referencing the subject of Death and war.  Their headquarters are at High Street Newhaven, USA, on the campus of Yale University.  It is common knowledge – and even bragged about by its members – that this elite Ivy League secret society own and keep HUMAN SKULLS on their premises.

The Yale SKULL AND BONES are considered to be an ‘illuminated’ version of Freemasonry.  The red helicopter seen at the scene of the London 322 attacks yesterday sported a MASONIC SYMBOL!

MASONS TO THE RESCUE? The set-square and compass logo is seen on the red helicopter at the London 322 attacks. The SKULL & BONES brotherhood are said to be an offshoot of Freemasonry. Is this just another spooky coincidence?


None of this is a ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY’ – it is all absolutely true!

Members of the 322 cult include members of the George W Bush and President Trump administrations – they have used the number 322 for two centuries to recognise each other


Allegedly, Steve Mnuchin, who serves President Trump is a member – the brotherhood call themselves BONESMEN and their papers and logo feature “322”.

A document in Yale’s archives suggests that 322 is a reference to the year 322 BC and that members measure dates from this year instead of from the common era, or the birth of Christ.

The BRUSSELS AIRPORT bomb happened EXACTLY one year – almost to the hour – of the London attacks. March 22nd 2016 = 3/22 – plus, the Brussels train bomb exploded at 9:11!!!


OMENS of 322

In 322 BC, the Lamian War ended with the death of Demosthenes and Athenians were made to dissolve their government and establish a plutocratic system in its stead, whereby only those possessing 2,000 drachmas or more could remain citizens. Documents in the Tomb have purportedly been found dated to “Anno-Demostheni”.[21] Members measure time of day according to a clock 5 minutes out of sync with normal time, the latter is called “barbarian time”.

One legend is that the numbers in the society’s emblem (“322”) represent “founded in ’32, 2nd corps”, referring to a first Corps in an unknown German university.


Members are assigned nicknames (e.g., “Long Devil”, the tallest member, and “Boaz”, a varsity football captain, or “Sherrife” prince of future). Many of the chosen names are drawn from literature (e.g., “Hamlet“, “Uncle Remus“), religion, and myth. The banker Lewis Lapham passed on his nickname, “Sancho Panza“, to the political adviser Tex McCraryAverell Harriman was “Thor“, Henry Luce was “Baal“, McGeorge Bundy was “Odin“, and George H. W. Bush was “Magog“.

In the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, both the Democratic and Republican nominees were alumni Bonesmen. George W. Bush wrote in his autobiography, “[In my] senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society; so secret, I can’t say anything more.” When asked what it meant that he and Bush were both Bonesmen, former Presidential candidate John Kerry said, “Not much, because it’s a secret.”

Both men declined to explain the significance of “322” when interviewed on the MEET THE PRESS TV show.

The Skull and Bones brotherhood has a reputation for stealing keepsakes from other Yale societies or from campus buildings; society members reportedly call the practice “crooking” and strive to outdo each other’s “crooks” – some of those crooks involve the illegal act of digging up skeletons.

The Bonesmen have been accused of possessing the stolen skulls of Martin Van Buren and Pancho Villa.  It is a known fact that the father of former President George HW Bush bragged about digging up Geronimo’s corpse and stealing the skull as a ‘trophy’.



Now let’s skip to 22nd March 2016 in Brussels – delegates for talks about the Palestinian crisis arrive at the HQ of the European government.  Just yards from the entrance to the EU parliament a train explodes – and earlier that morning, the airport where dignitaries from the Muslim world were arriving to attend the debate about Palestine – a bomb rips through the ceiling of the Departures hall at the airport.

NOW HERE COMES THE SPOOKY COINCIDENCES: The so called “322 bombs” in Brussels, are reported by Wikipedia – exact quote:

“An explosion took place just over an hour later in the middle carriage of a three-carriage train at Maalbeek metro station, located near the European Commission headquarters in the centre of Brussels, 10 kilometres (6 mi) from Brussels Airport. The explosion occurred at 09:11…..” NINE ONE ONE…. on 22nd March 2016… [322!]…

Another Wikipedia quote: “On the morning of March 22, 2016, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels. Thirty-two [32] civilians and three [3] perpetrators were killed, and more than 300 people were injured…” 22nd March 3rd month, 3 bombs, 3 perpetrators, 300 injured = 322

EXACTLY ONE YEAR – 356 days later – almost to the minute – another ‘Jihadist Muslim maniac’ attacks in London.

Aerial pics of Big Ben show the time on newspaper front pages as 3:22pm on 22nd March [3rd month] = 322!



The curious fact about the Brussels attack is that it seemed to target Palestinian politicians arriving at the EU for a debate – and shortly before, the EU had recognised Palestine as a sovereign nation.  The BBC claim that ISIS carried out the Brussels bombs – but why would ISIS bomb Palestinian politicians – and why would ISIS seek to disrupt an EU parliamentary debate which could lead to the international peace settlement which so many families in Gaza want?





If you enjoy watching in-depth documentaries about ancient history, politics and new scientific discoveries, then check-out this new film directed and presented by British author CHRIS EVERARD.  This is the first time that the PYRAMID TEXTS have been newly re-evaluated and transliterated for 4K HD video.  The CREATION MYTHS of ancient Egypt say there were eight ‘gods’ – four of whom had humanoid-reptilian facial features!


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