As the flooding of Muslim refugees hastens Germany towards economic and cultural demise, nearly 15,000 Muslim children have vanished in the country over the past year.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent more than $20 billion on housing, feeding and clothing millions of Muslim asylum seekers has in 2016, government figures have indicated.

This vast sum of money has not prevented 15,000 Muslim children from vanishing in Germany in the previous few months!

Germany has spent more than €20bn (£17.5bn / around $20 billion US dollars) on Muslim refugees in just the last twelve months.  Widespread public condemnation on Facebook for Germany’s Angela Merkel has boiled over into many rants and demands for refunds on people’s tax bills for 2016.

Statistics seen by The Independent for the states of Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and Berlin show that the cost of housing and integrating asylum seekers has far outstripped official predictions.


Merkel’s mass migration policy has caused 15,000 children to go missing and broken the financial good standing of Germany’s finances. She is lampooned on German media, whilst there is not one single open MISSING PERSONS case in any German police station attempting to search for the missing Muslim children.

The Bundestag’s statistics service has listed a total spend of over €7bn (£6bn) for those four states alone in 2016, meaning the nationwide figure is likely to be far higher.

 According to Johannes Singhammer, Vice President of the German parliament, and confirmed by German newspaper Die Welt: “Around €23bn (£20bn/$23bn) has probably been spent on migrants and refugees in 2016”.

The expenditure took place mostly in the four German provinces which are the home to vast private estates owned by the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY.

Four states recorded have taken around a third of asylum seekers currently living in Germany, where more than a million have arrived since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015.

15,000 Muslim migrant children have disappeared in Germany – even though Merkel claims that she has spent $20 BILLION DOLLARS on ‘housing migrants’.

German tax payers’ went to Social Media in their droves today and started to question this vast sum of money.

Officially, Merkel’s government says that in the City of Berlin €685m/$675m US dollars was allocated for ‘accommodation, unaccompanied minors, integration programmes, healthcare, language lessons and other projects’ – however, adding salt to the wound, the announcement from Johannes Singhammer, Vice President of the German parliament, went on to say that this already colossal sum of money was OVER SPENT by a factor of nearly 100% – yes, in fact €1.3bn (£1.1bn/$1.35bn) in total – almost double the budget – would have been spent in 2016 in Berlin alone!

The average three bedroomed house in Germany can be constructed for 100,000 euros [around $98,000 US dollars].  But not one single new house has been constructed out of the vast €1.3bn budget in the City of Berlin!

Meanwhile, the state of Bavaria spent a mind boggling €3.3bn (£2.9bn) on Muslim refugees, the province of Hesse squandered €1.6bn (£1.4bn) and the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein spent €783.7m (£685.9m) supposedly on housing and caring for Muslim migrants.

These are the exact same states in which vast land estates owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Duke of Edinburgh, have their extended German family – and considerable ancestral & financial/property investments.


German taxpayers asked on FaceBook why it was that so much money had apparently been spent on ‘unaccompanied Muslim children’ when the official statistics from 2015 and 2016 show that TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MUSLIM MIGRANT CHILDREN DISAPPEARED!

How can the German government be spending money on children who have vanished into thin air since registering with German Social Services?  It’s a good question – and no one in the German government could give us an answer today.

Back in April 2016, official statistics published by the German interior ministry confirmed that a staggering 6,000 refugee Muslim children were reported missing in Germany during 2015.

The European Union superstate government estimates that at least 10,000 child refugees had disappeared after arriving in the continent were “very likely to be underestimated”, and this statement was confirmed by a senior official at Unicef and published as such in the British Guardian newspaper.

However, the German people are now being told that all these Muslim children – tens of thousands of which have vanished – have contributed to the colossal cost of nearly $23 BILLION DOLLARS in the last twelve months!



Between January and August of 2016, a STAGGERING 9,000 MUSLIM KIDS VANISHED IN GERMANY. These statistics are confirmed by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA), who made the figures public during August 2016.

By October 2016, Europol, the EU’s police intelligence unit, estimates that around 10,000 unaccompanied children have gone missing in Europe over the past two years.

The final total of missing children for 2016 is likely to be DOUBLE, based on the fact that 4,749 refugee Muslim kids were known to be missing in Germany in the latter part of 2015 – and that figure DOUBLED in six months leading to August 2016.  It is accurately estimated that around 15,600 Muslim refugee children have simply vanished in Germany in the last 15 months – that is more than 1,000 children vanishing every month – or 34 per DAY.

The BKA said the missing children came into the country without their parents. When DNN asked for an official statement, there was no person available to give us further information, nor did any official attempt to answer if there were MISSING CHILD INVESTIGATION CASES actively opened by any branch of German police.

Meanwhile, the German tax-payer is expected to foot this gigantic bill.

As an end-note, the German government is in DEBT.

Germany recorded a government debt equivalent to 71.20% percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2015. Under Merkel’s command, Germany has in fact violated the European Union’s own financial guidelines and today’s announcement that the Muslim migrants have cost in excess of $23 BILLION US dollars is expected to cause Germany’s Credit Rating to be marked down and a down-turn in German bonds and stocks for the foreseeable term – that is, until Merkel is ousted from office.




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