There is zero evidence that Russia tampered with the votes of the 2016 presidential election. President Obama emphatically denounced the conspiracy theory alleging Russians successfully interfered with the American voting process.

The hysteria over “speaking to Russia” has, nonetheless, reached fever pitch.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned in January for his alleged ties with Russian politicians.

Top Democrats are calling for an independent investigation into Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia and are demanind Attorney General Jeff Sessions also step down for “speaking to Russia”during the presidential campaign.

“Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach, for the good of the country, Attorney General Sessions should resign,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Thursday.

The New York Senator blasted the Trump administration in December for being “far too close to Russia,” arguing that “both parties ought to be united in standing up to Russian interference,” he said in December.

Putin and Schumer, however, greeted Putin with open arms in New York City in 2003, when Russian oil company Lukoil opened a gas station in Manhattan.

From NTK Via Gateway Pundit:

The picture above was taken in 2003 as Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, enjoys a Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee with Senator Charles Schumer from New York as Putin visits the first New York gas station of the Russian company Lukoil.

The hysteria over Trump administration officials talking — or not talking — with Russia needs to end.

It’s getting in the way of putting America back on track.



 “When I showed the president of Russia a Krispy Kreme doughnut and he ate it and said it was good, that was one of the more surreal moments I’ve had in politics,” Schumer said that day.

In 2008, Schumer penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Schumer arguing that US alliance with Russia was the key to better relations with Iran.

President Trump on Friday slammed Democrat leadership’s calls for a probe into his contacts with Russia and tweeting the photo of Schumer with  Putin.

“We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!” Trump tweeted.


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