Police have busted Britain’s biggest cannabis crops – all grown inside an underground military base designed to protect the aristocracy and royals from nuclear blasts!

Chilmark Quarries are a bleak and little known part of Wiltshire – which is home to StoneHenge.  Wiltshire’s land is mostly owned by Her Majesty the Queen and is managed for Buckingham Palace by the Ministry of Defence who have the largest open tank training grounds in Europe.  But it is what is happening underneath Wiltshire which today shocked police as they entered the Ministry of Defence’s underground ‘Regional Government Head Quarters’ at Chilmark.

Britain’s Cannabis Bunker had everything necessary to run an effective underground drug supply chain – including its own secret railway!

Several thousand cannabis plants with an estimated street value of £1m were seized by British police in a raid on Wiltshire’s ‘Regional Government Head Quarters’ – a high security facility which presumably only Royal Air Force or local government officials had access to.

British Detective Inspector Paul Franklin, told the BBC it was only after getting through the nuclear blast doors, that the “enormous set up” was discovered.

The mariajuana requires UV lights which consume vast amounts of energy – the underground bunker had state of the art generators – surely someone must have been supplying tons of diesel fuel?

The Ministry of Defence bunker was built in 1997 to protect local dignitaries and government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.  So how come this facility – which is supposedly no longer owned by Her Majesty’s government – became Britain’s biggest cannabis factory?

Well, no one is answering that question – and it seems that the police were oblivious to this vast operation which very obviously required vast electrical feeds and trucks to haul the harvest on a regular basis.

British bobbies discover Britain’s biggest cannabis farm – all grown on land owned by the local government offices!

The thousands of cannabis plants were grown using aquaponics inside about 20 rooms that had been constructed inside underground limestone mines acquired by the British Air Ministry in 1936.

This amazing underground ‘cannabis canyon’ had a narrow gauge railway connecting to Ham Cross 1km to the south with a 4km spur from the main line at Dinton!  A spokesman for Amsterdam’s Cannabis Museum stated that this bunker would be able to produce “4 tons of cannabis per month”!

The site has been actively used by the Royal Air Force for many decades, with the first consignment of war stores arriving in May 1937.
Unlike most other RAF depots, Chilmark continued in use after the war. In 1994, supplies were transferred to the Nato depot at Glen Douglas in Scotland.

In 1985 a bunker was built in the southern part of the site to serve as a Regional Government Headquarters, and it was here that Wiltshire police discovered Britain’s biggest cannabis factory.

Much of the site around Chilmark Quarries remains in Ministry of Defence ownership.  Several arrests have been made.  It is assumed by police that the keys to this bunker and the cannabis operation itself are linked in some way to the local council or to the Royal Air Force.




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