Donald Trump may, indeed, perhaps, become the first President to preside over an administration which declares “WE ARE NOT ALONE!”.

Back in 2011, President Obama joked about President Trump possibly investigating space-based ‘conspiracies’ such as the alleged crashed alien craft at Roswell.  Obama made the joke as he equated the controversy over his missing Birth Certificate with an announcement about Alien Life in the Universe.

Well, Obama’s joke is about to backfire on him.

NASA have called a major press conference which will take place on 22nd February at 1pm New York time. It will be streamed live on Nasa’s television station and concerns a major “discovery beyond our solar system”.

NASA has officially announced confirmed discoveries of nearly 3,500 exoplanets, and nearly 2,600 Solar Systems beyond our own.

These discoveries have massively increased the likely discovery of intelligent life in our universe.


Artist's impression of Fomalhaut B, an exoplanet directly observed by the Hubble telescope
This illustration shows the newly discovered planet, Fomalhaut b, orbiting its sun, Fomalhaut. A structure comprised mostly of brown and gold colors surrounds Fomalhaut b. This structure is a Saturn-like ring that astronomers say may encircle the planet. Fomalhaut also is surrounded by a ring of material.

This is the first major NASA press conference to be called under the new Trump administration and it heralds perhaps the beginning of a new era in openness with regards to space discoveries.

NASA’s event will see detailed information about exoplanets, or planets that orbit stars other than our sun. It is highly likely that some significant new data will be released publicly regarding far away exoplanets, which are the major hope for life elsewhere in the universe, since many have been found that resemble our own Earth and could have the building blocks of life. More of them are being discovered all the time.




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