Tony Blair is waging an evangelical crusade to block Brexit and overturn the democratic result of the EU Referendum.

The former prime minister claimed that people voted in the referendum “without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit” and urged “a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge”.

If Blair’s campaign to disregard the democratic will of 17million people is successful, it’s likely to be the most costly political event in the history of the British government.

British pensioners, many of whom are WWII war heroes, are demanding that their pensions be increased to the amount Germany and Spain allocate to retirees upon the UK remaining a member of the European Union.

Some of the pensioners are demanding a lump sum rebate equivalent to a German person’s pension for the 43 years of past EU membership.

Enraged by Blair’s effort to overturn the Brexit referendum result, pensioners launched a Facebook to campaign for pension equality.

A group of British pensioners known as the ‘Silver Surfers’ blasted Blair on social media following his call for people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit.


“If Blair wants us back in the EU, the British Pensioners deserve German rates of Pensions,” argued in a tweet.

Angry posts from British pensioners started during the run-up to the BREXIT Referendum during June of 2016 – and have now been re-ignited by Tony Blair’s anti-BREXIT crusade announced today.

TONY BLAIR has ignited an angry backlash from British Pensioners who are demanding a Pensions top-up and a lump sum rebate and pensions which match Germany.


Maximum state pension of £26,630

Maximum state pension of £26,366

Maximum state pension of £25,155

Maximum state pension of £15,811 – state pension age for both men and women at 60.

United Kingdom
Maximum state pension of £5,500 – state pension age for men is 65 and women at 63.

The average British pensioner receives approximately £98 per week – the average German pension is £400 per week. The financial implications of Tony Blair’s anti-Brexit crusade are mind boggling.Theresa May would have to hike the minimum British pension four times higher than it is now.

British pensioners are planning to march on Buckingham Palace and demand billions of pounds in back payments. You do not need to be a financial wizard to calculate that this threatens to financially crash Theresa May’s 2017-2018 budget.

In an interview with Digital News Network last June, David Penfold, a British war veteran who fought against the Nazi invasion of Europe, slammed Blair and other members of parliament who oppose the Brexit referendum.

“This is what I say to Tony who wants to throw the Brexit victory in the trash:  I joined the army and fought for the freedom of Europe in World War II. My friends were shot & stabbed on the beaches in Normandy.  We liberated France and the rest of Europe,” Penfold said. “Yet British Pensioners are getting conned by Cameron, Osborne and all the members of parliament who have millions to spend on lavish expenses, and the German Pensioners get four times more than us in weekly state Pension.Enough is Enough.”

The BREXIT victory triggered a massive backlash against Cameron & his government.  Cameron was effectively pushed out of office, then George Osborne, the Chancellor, was fired – and all this was on the tail end of a disastrous summer for Cameron in which one of his closest allies in Downing Street, Patrick Rock, was sentenced for owning a computer device stuffed with child porn.

If these guys ran a company - then they would have a £18 Billion BLACK HOLE in their profits and income spreadsheet this morning. Luckily they no longer have any influence over British people
BREXIT exposed how British pensions are FOUR TIMES LOWER than the average German state pension.

The British Budget:

Theresa May announced in the summer of 2016 her plans to spend at least £167 BILLION on Trident Nukes.This was at the same time that Cameron’s failed cabinet promoted the idea of cutting benefits for Blind, Deaf and Disabled Britons.

George Osborne was forced into an embarrassing U-turn on this policy – which eventually caused his political downfall.

Before his job as Chancellor crashed and burned in the early autumn of 2016, George Osborne claimed NEW AUSTERITY TAXES & CUTS are necessary.  However, Osborne’s plans for new Austerity Taxes just did not match his budget proposals to spend billions of pound’s worth of Trident nukes, and also £200 million for the Hinckley Point Power Station.

Pensioners also posted on Facebook various memes comparing the vast Pensions of EU workers who are all in their 60’s and 70’s.

Neil Kinnock and his family earned an alleged £10 MILLION from top jobs at the EU.



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