President Trump has slapped sanctions on what the U.S. describe as one of the ‘Kingpins of drug trafficking in Latin America’ – trouble is, that ‘king pin’ is the vice-president of oil rich nation Venezuela!

The USA have come straight out and publicly accused Vice-President Tareck el-Aissami of trafficking drugs.

The US treasury said he was a drug “kingpin” who worked with traffickers in Mexico and Colombia to ship drugs to America.

It seems this is part of an overall plan – along with President Trump’s controversial wall on the border with Mexico – to ‘clean up’ the USA.

VENEZEULA’S CRIME FAMILY: Yes, now Trump is in charge, it’s getting tough at the top of the cocaine trafficking world. As soon as President Trump was elected two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady have been found guilty of conspiring to import 800kg (1,750lb) of cocaine into the US.  Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas, 31, and Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, 30, were convicted at a court in Manhattan, New York.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, according to the BBC in London, has demanded a public apology from the US for sanctioning his new deputy. The Trump administration, however, have face palmed the vice president and it seems he is now no more welcome in US immigration as a migrant from the countries recently banned by President Trump.

Maduro is already facing deep-rooted opposition from grassroots people who say that he has squandered the legacy of Hugo Chavez and has failed to convert the vast emerald, gold, coffee, oil and timber resources of his country into a modern 21st century empathetic economy.

The US treasury accuses him of being in the pay of convicted Venezuelan drug lord Walid Makled for protecting drug shipments. Sanctions were also imposed on wealthy Venezuelan businessman Samark Lopez, described as Mr Aissami’s “primary frontman”.

Mr. Lopez released a statement denying he had ever trafficked drugs.

President Trump has spoken publicly about his hatred for drug dealers and during his 2016 presidential campaign he decried how many of his billionaire buddies were unhappy with life because their ‘kids are all on drugs’.

The official ‘War on Drugs’ of previous administrations fell into disrepute when a former CIA officer leaked details of how cocaine was shipped in exchange for weapons and cash aboard planes owned by the CIA painted ‘Air America’.  The embarrassing revelations inspired the Mel Gibson movie AIR AMERICA.

Gulf Stream II jet #N987SA was owned by U.S. authorities and meant to be carrying Guantanamo Bay prisoners when it crashed in Mexico in 2007 – the plane was found to have 3.3 metric tons of cocaine aboard.

Perhaps the most embarrassing incident which caused many raised eyebrows about previous administrations on Capitol Hill being involved in drug trafficking is the infamous crash of a Gulf Stream II jet, aircraft #N987SA used to transport Central Intelligence Agency rendition prisoners to Guantanamo Bay.  This plane crashed on September 24th 2007 in Mexico carrying – not prisoners – but a cargo of over four tons of cocaine.   U.S. Federal Aviation Association records list the plane as being registered to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. which was a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE claims it sold the aircraft to the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency as part of an ‘undercover operation’ immediately prior to the crash in Mexico.  The ICE undercover agent who brokered the sale of the drugs plane, Don Whittington, pled guilty to federal tax charges in 1987 and is currently under investigation for using a Colorado Springs resort and spa to launder profits from the sale of this and other aircraft used in drugs smuggling busts.

“No one knows what is really going on. 

If they ever did, it would make Watergate 

look like Alice in Wonderland.”


ex U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency



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