The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam, known as FAT BEAR, has been killed in an attack in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur…

Malaysian police say he was waiting at the airport for a flight to Macau on Monday when a mysterious woman covered his face with a cloth which burnt his eyes.

Kim Jong-Il’s eldest son, Kim Jong-Nam, was actually disowned because of his love of American animation & pop culture!

Kim Jong-Nam (born in 1971), was set to become the leader of North Korea after his father – but it all turned horribly wrong in 2001, when Kim Jong-Nam had the made a fraudulent passport and sneaked into Japan to visit Disneyland.

He used the name Pang Xiong, which translates to “Fat Bear” in Chinese – and has ben known as this by MI6 ever since.

It is highly likely that, like most ugly dictators, he tried to visit brothels in Malaysia using a fake name.

Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat confirmed for Malaysian news agency Bernama that the victim of the bizarre attack was indeed Kim Jong-nam.

“While waiting for the flight, a woman came from behind and covered his face with a cloth laced with a liquid”

Kim Jong-Il’s eldest son, Kim Jong-Namis now dead in the most mysterious of circumstances.

The two possible motives are that A/. the killer worked for the CIA or B/. it was a personal attack launched by one of the prostitutes he allegedly abused on his trips to Malaysia.



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