The aftermath of the Democratic Party’s disastrous showing in the 2016 US election has caused many DNC insiders to replay the Presidential Debates.  Analysts now say that a comment from Donald Trump accusing Hillary of being in charge of the State Department when billions of dollars were spent without proper receipts and accounting was one of the major factors in Hillary losing the election.

Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of presiding over the biggest financial scam in the history of U.S. government in which SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS was misplaced or mis-spent.  Hillary Clinton defended the attack by Donald Trump by saying it was, quote, “Mostly debunked”.  Many Trump supporters fact-checked the statement and allegation – and it seems judging on the poll results that vast numbers of voters considered her rebuttal to be a ‘lie’.

In fact, Donald Trump’s assertion during the debate referred to an official State Department accounting report which was verified by the general accounting committee.

The plain truth is that Hillary Clinton’s State Department  triggered a massive ‘MANAGEMENT ALERT’ and AUDIT INVESTIGATION which was originally published as a public-access PDF by the US government.

The Alert Report clearly explains how Hillary’s State Department officials mysteriously spent hundreds of millions of dollars refurbishing embassies and ‘reconstructing’ Iraq, and buying millions of dollars of television broadcasting equipment for Afghanistan which was then ‘never used’ [not officially anyhow].

The report also highlights how a staggering $79,000 was spent by Hillary buying copies of Barak Obama’s book – thus personally enriching President Obama [by way of book royalties] which is a criminal use of public money.

An OIG internal report found hundreds of millions of dollars had been spent during Hillary’s stint at the State Department – but tallies and accounting for all this cash was woefully inadequate – the report even stated that at least one contract had been ‘HIDDEN AND CONCEALED’, even though it represented a huge expenditure of millions of dollars which were then not accounted for.

The report which proves that Hillary lied and also oversaw the CONCEALMENT OF CONTRACTS and mis-accounting of hundreds of millions of dollars. The official government web page mysteriously vanished after Hillary claimed on Live TV that the report had been ‘debunked’ – but British journalist and author CHRIS EVERARD found the original PDF sitting on a government server and republished it so people can see that it is highly critical and does indeed accuse Hillary’s State Department of potentially fraudulent activity costing the tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Accounting Alert report has been published in the public domain and clearly cites that under Hillary’s watch, the State Department failed to provide receipts and appropriate documentation for how billions of dollars was spent.

HILLARY CLINTON’S State Department is heavily criticised in the official report which she claimed on live TV had been ‘mostly debunked’ – the report had been mysteriously moved from its original web page after Donald Trump challenged Hillary over the missing billions of dollars during a Presidential debate – but British author and journalist CHRIS EVERARD found the original PDF file – and this proves that Hillary lied to the American people – and oversaw a scam in which hundreds of millions of dollars were spent but not properly accounted for.


This is what Donald Trump correctly said;

Hillary Clinton “lost as much as $6 billion in taxpayer money while she was running the State Department. Now, some people say it was misplaced. Oh, billions of dollars misplaced.”

— Donald Trump, remarks in Panama City, Fla., Oct. 11, 2016

Mysteriously, Google Search Results for the erased State Department investigation were replaced by Snopes and other websites all claiming that Mr Trump’s allegation about a $6 BILLION DOLLAR FRAUD was in error!

In the run-up to the final days before the vote, Facebook Groups in support of Mr Trump published memes saying that many websites were mysteriously pushed to the top of the Google search engine index which wrongfully claimed that Mr Trump had got it wrong or was even lying concerning the vast amount .


Hillary’s ‘reconstruction efforts’ in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the two nations with poor sanitation, no refuse collection, a population poisoned by Depleted Uranium – but she did manage to spend tens of thousands of dollars on drinking glasses, buying multiple copies of Barak Obama’s book and a TV broadcast truck which was never ever used – when Mr Trump confronted her on this mismanagement and loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, Hillary lied and said that the claim had been ‘mostly debunked’.





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